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4x4 Parts - Xterra

    4X4PARTS.COM AKA AUTOMOTIVE CUSTOMIZERS has been manufacturing Xterra Suspension Lift Kit when Xterra first became available. We created the first Xterra suspension lift kit in 2000 which contained our tubular longer travel upper a arms which improve ball joint angles as well and help get correct alignment, we also invented idler arm brace which we include with many of our older Xterra suspension lift kits to make steering stronger.
    We also offer HD Torsion Bars to maximize Xterra suspension lift kit.
    For first and second generation Xterra suspension lift kit we make revolver shackles to give it that crazy amount of wheel travel to help you keep all wheels on the ground at all times.
    We don't just make high end but affordable Xterra suspension lift kit, we make simpler even more affordable Xterra suspension lift kit that has Bilstein Ride height adjustable shocks and we also have spacer kits as well.
    Some of the other innovative products for your Xterra suspension lift kit we have are upgraded polyurethane bushings, sway bar extensions, Bilstein and Rancho shocks, single and 3 leaf add a leafs and light and medium duty front coils for second generation Xterra suspension lift kit.

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