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Torsion Bars

  1. Jack up the front of the vehicle. This helps in removing preload on the bar and allows for removal of the torsion bars.
  2. Back off adjuster bolt.
  3. Note the location of the adjuster. This makes indexing easier because you can compare locations of the adjuster.
  4. Remove rear adjuster or remove the torsion bar from front anchor, which ever is easier for your model.
  5. It is sometimes necessary to have someone push down on the tire to get the suspension at full droop. This will help to get more adjustment if you need it while re-indexing.
  6. Reinstall torsion bar or adjuster so that you have moved the rear adjuster away from the adjuster bolt anchoring site, which is usually a cross member.
  7. Tighten adjuster bolt until preload is felt on torsion bar.
  8. Let vehicle down and check ride height. If you need more, jack the vehicle up and tighten adjuster bolts until desired ride height is achieved.
  9. Bolts should be checked and tightened periodically.
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