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Steering Stabilizer

  1. Park vehicle on level ground. Block the rear tires and remove the front skid plate from under the motor.
  2. Loosen the nuts on the two back bolts of steering gear unit. Slide the old bolts out. The unit should still be attached with the two front nuts and bolts. Replace these with the two replacement bolts and nuts, and four washers provided in the kit.
  3. Line up the S-shaped bracket on the inside of the frame with the two rear bolt holes of the steering gear unit using the replacement bolts, washers and nuts. Make sure that the bent in portion of the S-bracket faces the passenger side of the vehicle.
  4. Place the u-bolts provided in the kit through the center link and through the L-shaped bracket. Position the L-shaped bracket so that u-bolts are facing toward the passenger side of the vehicle. Secure with nuts and washers provided. Hand tighten only.
  5. Extend the shock provided and place with the piston shaft towards the S-shaped bracket. The other end of the shock should be placed through the hole on the L-shaped bracket. Lightly secure the shock on both ends.
  6. Turn the steering wheel all the way to the right, towards passenger side. Extend the shock all the way to its limit and compress it back in 3/4".
  7. Position the L-shaped bracket so that the shock is located parallel to the center link. The L-shaped bracket should be about 7 O'clock on the center link. Make sure that there is plenty of clearance between the shock and the oil filter, on the V-6 models. Make sure that it does not interfere with any cross members.
  8. Fully tighten the L-shaped bracket and the S-shaped bracket.
  9. Have someone turn the steering wheel slowly to the right then to the left, from lock to lock and make sure that the L-shaped bracket doesn't interfere with the operation of any of the components.
  11. If you wish, you may use shock boot although it is not necessary. Shock boots may collect dirt and mud which may cause premature wear of the shock cylinder.
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