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Revolver Shackles

NOTE: It is important to use the shocks and limiting straps( limiting straps can be purchased separately. The revolvers will provide 1" of lift and come in a kit that has been tested to provide safe operation. Use of 2" add-a-leaf in the rear is recommended. Use of shocks and limiting straps other than those provided in the kit may cause damage to the vehicle or occupants. Rear sway bar disconnects off-road will improve articulation.

  1. Extend the ABS sensor wires by disconnecting the plug and rerouting the wire so more wire is available for extended axle travel. (See picture)
  2. Cut angled bracket supporting the juncture of the hard brake line and brake hose at the bend located just above the rear axle on the right hand side using hack saw or grinder. Make sure not do damage the brake lines. You will need one angled steel bracket 5.5" long to lower the stock brake line. Carefully move the hard brake line out of it's plastic mounts along the frame so that the junction of the brake hose and line is 2 to 2.5" lower than when stock. Make sure not to kink the hard brake line. Using screws or rivets remount this junction to the angled steel bracket. Attach the other end of the steel bracket to the upper portion of the brake support bracket that you cut. Make sure that it is secure and check the brake line and hose for any abrasions of damage.
  3. You will need to replace the stock vent hose with hose that is 5" longer then stock.
  4. Park vehicle on level ground. Block the tires to prevent rolling. Raise the rear end of the vehicle so that the rear tires are no longer supporting the vehicle. Secure the vehicle with jack stands under the frame rails.
  5. Unbolt the rear sway bar at the axle mount on both sides and let it hang down.
  6. Unbolt and remove the stock shocks.
  7. Loosen all nuts from the stock shackles on both sides.
  8. Raise the axle with a jack to alleviate pressure from the leaf packs until you can slide the stock shackles from leaf packs and frame. Remove all nuts. Make sure there is no pressure on the leaf packs and the stock shackles will slide out smoothly.
  9. Slide the sleeve provided into the top bushing located in the frame rail. Install the shackle so the hinged portion points toward the axle. The relief in the yoke should be positioned towards the spring. The hinged portion of the shackle should always point towards the axle. Slide the standard size bolt through the washes, shackle, sleeve, flat washer and locking washer. Hand tighten the nut onto the standard sized bolt. The nut should twist on easily. If not, you need to make sure you are using the proper nut for the standard sized bolt because there are nuts included in the kit of different thread size.
  10. Place the metric bolt through the flat washer, lower shackle bolt hole and the leaf pack. Make sure to use the flat washers provided on each side of the leaf pack. Place the flat washer on outside of the shackle and tighten the nut. Make sure that leaf pack has slight clearance between the lower part of the shackle and the lower bolt can rotate with wrench. Use the second nut provided and hand tighten it until it is flush with the first nut. Tighten the two nuts against each other.
  11. Repeat the procedure on the other leaf pack.
  12. Securely tighten all the nuts and bolts. It is a good idea to use Lock-Tite on the nuts and bolts.
  13. Install the shocks and limiting straps provided with the kit. DO NOT use different shocks or limiting straps.
  14. Reinstall the sway bar. You will need to unbolt it for off-road use or install quick disconnects. Driving with out sway bar on road will increase body roll and will increase the chance of rollover.
  15. Double check to make sure everything is tightened and secure.
  16. Remove the jack stands and jack. Examine the nuts and bolts after the first ten miles and make sure nothing is loose. If it is retighten and secure. After off-roading make sure to check the nuts and bolts also if loose retighten.
  17. Jack the rear of the vehicle up until the shackles just start to open. STOP! Check driveshaft rotation, brake, ABS and vent line length and shock travel. If the drive shaft is rotating freely and the shocks, brake, ABS and vent lines are not maxed out, lift the vehicle until the tires are slightly of the ground. Check the brake, ABS and vent lines. Make sure they have plenty slack and are not maxed out. ALWAYS use the limiting straps to avoid drive shaft contact with the cross member!!!
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