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Rear Leaf Springs

NOTE: Perform removal and installation one side at a time.

  1. Raise the rear end of the truck and support it with jack stands under the frame so that the springs can hang at full extension. Be sure to support the axle housing.
  2. Remove the stock shocks.
  3. Remove the large axle u-bolts.
  4. Place a C-clamp over the spring pack.
  5. Remove the spring center bolt.
  6. Slowly loosen the clamp to release the tension in the spring.
  7. Remove one lower overload spring leaf (flat spring) on each leaf pack, if a lot of weight will not be carried. If your truck is equipped with two overload leaf springs, only reinstall one. If overload leafs are retained, new longer U bolts may be required.
  8. Install the new add-a-leaf at the bottom of the pack or in between the flat leaf and the pack if flat leaf is retained with the curved side of add a leaf up.
  9. Secure the entire spring pack with the C-clamp.
  10. Tighten the clamp until you can install the new spring center bolt. After the bolt is tight, cut the bolt to proper length.
  11. Install the axle u-bolts.
  12. Install the longer shocks.
  13. Re-torque U-bolt nuts after 200 miles.
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