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Pathfinder Rear Lift Coils

  1. Make sure vehicle is parked on flat level surface prior to installation.
  2. Block the front wheels of the vehicle. Disconnect brake cable at the union where the single line connects to the U-bracket. Remove shock absorbers and axle end of Panhard rod. Using a floor jack under the rear differential, raise the rear of the vehicle until the wheels are 6-8 inches off the ground. Place jack stands under the frame and slowly lower the rear axle until the springs are free. Be careful not to stretch any brake lines.
  3. Remove springs from pockets. Note how the lower end of the spring sits on the spring pocket. Also note any rubber insulators in the spring pockets and make sure they are installed with new springs.
  4. Install new rear springs making sure the springs are properly seated in the pockets.
  5. Remove the jack stands and lower the vehicle to the ground.
  6. Bounce the rear of the vehicle up and down a few times to settle the suspension. Reinstall end of Panhard rod. Install new shocks at this time if applicable.

Inspect periodically.

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