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Idler Arm Brace

If your vehicle has original skid plate, you may need to remove it during installation. Check to make sure idler arm is not bent or damaged, or the brace will not be effective. If installing a new idler arm with the brace, you must realign the front end. If you are just adding the brace, no alignment is necessary.

**Idler arm is located on passenger side of the frame rail on all left hand drive vehicles**

  1. Loosen the lower idler arm nut so it can be removed by hand. Loosen and remove the 2 front idler arm nuts.
  2. Remove the lower idler arm nut, making sure the flat large washer remains in place on the arm.
  3. Place the side of the brace with the single hole through the lower shaft of the arm. Rotate the brace counterclockwise so bolts meet the holes in the brace.
  4. Hand tighten all three nuts. Fully tighten lower nut, pushing the brace up. Do not over tighten. Tighten the remaining nuts attaching the brace to the frame.
  5. It is recommended to use Lock-Tite on all nuts and bolts and to retighten the nuts and bolts after 100 miles of driving with the brace.
  6. NOTE: This brace will not work with Moog replacement idler arm which is weaken then stock configuration idler arm.

    NOTE: Not all the threads of stock idler arm lower shaft will go through the lower nut when brace is installed. This will not present any safety problems as the brace now holding the idler arm assembly and hardly any force is placed on the lower nut.

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