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Hardbody/Pathfinder Front Skid Plate

  1. Loosen and remove original skid plate.
  2. Line up the upper, left (passenger side) of the new skid plate between the tow hook and the frame. Add the pipe spacer between the skid plate and the frame.
  3. While supporting from below, insert the 1/2" bolt through the bolt hole of the skid plate and bolt hole in the frame.
  4. Place the nut with the handle through the access hole on the side of the frame. Line up the nut with the bolt on the backside of the frame. Turn the bolt by hand until 1/2" of threads in the bolt are used.
  5. Repeat steps two through four on the driver's side.
  6. Place the filler bar between the skid plate and the frame in the indentation, so the bolt holes are lined up with the center bolt hole and the driver's side bolt hole.
  7. Place a washer on the longer 6mm bolts and install into the two outer, lower skid plate bolt holes until they catch and plate is supported. Place the center, shorter 6mm bolt with washer and tighten by hand until it catches. Tighten all three of the lower 6mm bolts. (Do not overtighten or the bolts may snap!)
  8. Tighten the front bolts.

Parts List

  • 1----skid plate
  • 2----1/2" bolts
  • 2----nuts with handle
  • 6----1/2” washers
  • 2----6mm bolts 1-1/2"
  • 1----6mm bolt 1"
  • 3----washers
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