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Frontier/Xterra Front Skid Plate

  1. If this vehicle is still equipped with a front bumper guard.
  2. Remove front bumper guard located under the front bumper.
  3. Install two plates with nuts attached throughout square hole in the rear cross member of the front differential as shown in the picture.
  4. Position skid plate with widest front portion of the skid plate to the front of the vehicle. While supporting the skid plate from below, insert two 10 mm bolts with washers through front of the plate and the frame rails. (Reuse same bolt holes that where used by bumper guard).
  5. Using large c-clamp position under rear of the skid plate and over top of the cross member. Tighten the c-clamp to bring distance between cross member and skid plate to 1”.
  6. Position two of the 1 ½” x ½ “bolts with washers so they line up with the inserts in the cross member, hand tighten them.
  7. Install a one ½” x 4” bolt and washer through the skid plate into the hole marked with a triangle on the cross member in the picture, hand tighten with a nut above the cross member.
  8. Optional! The two bolts in the center of the skid plate should be used to reduce the rattle. Place two 8mm bolts with washers through the skid plate and into the cross member on each side of the skid plate then hand tighten. (customer may wish to enlarge cross member holes and tap them to a larger diameter so that thicker bolts can be used)
  9. By hand push the skid plate back as far as possible. Tighten the three ½” bolts and nuts at the back of the skid plate. Tighten the two optional bolts in the center of the skid plate.
  10. The two front bolts can be tightened now. If space remains between the front of the skid plate and the frame position washers in between and tighten the bolts. The front of the skid plate will come forward so only ¼” to ½” washers may be needed.
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