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Tail Light Guards

Parts list

  • 1-Tail light guard passenger side
  • 1-tail light guard driver side

This product uses factory screws for installation, no additional screws are required.

Installing tail light guard

  1. There are passenger and driver side tail light guards. Open rear hatch, remove uper and lower screws in tail light assembly, but do not discard as they will be required for installation.
  2. Position appropriate tail light guard on tail light, aligning the existing screws on light assembly and tail light guard brackets to attach to vehicle.
  3. Repeat procedure on opposite side. Installation is complete.

Note: this Tail light guard was designed to fit snugly against the body of your Nissan Xterra. As the screws are tightened the tail light guard will be drawn into the body to provide a tight fit. If you feel the guard is too tight where the rubber meets the body, you can slightly bend the mounting brackets to lessen the pressure on the body.

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