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Put down the candy -- it's now November, when our hearts turn fondly to thoughts of turkey, pilgrims, and what to get grandma for Christmas.

 Despite the commercial symbols, this is a month when we take time to be thankful. And this year, many of us have just had a reminder of how lucky we are that our homes — or even just our heat, internet and cell phone connections — weren't swept away in the middle of the night. And, unfortunately, hard times don't always come in packages that attract media coverage. Sometimes it's a stalled car on your way to work, or a spouse that kicks you out one night and you have nowhere to go ... until a buddy answers your call and says, "You can sleep on my couch."

 We want to do a shout-out for the random acts of kindness our Facebook community throws out there every day. But don't tell just us ... let's tell the world. And 4x4Parts will reward one random winner each week with a $50 gift certificate to our store, in addition to our tweeting stories of how Nissan owners are impacting the world.

 Entering our contest is easy. Go to your own web page, Twitter, a forum you belong to (Nissan related or not) and post about one of these two topics:

 1. How your Nissan helped someone out.

 2. If you've never been involved in a community project, lived through a disaster, bailed out a buddy using your vehicle, post how has made a difference with your Nissan.

 Then bring us a link to your post and put it on our Facebook page. We'll do a random drawing among these links each week in November, so start sharing the good news!

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