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We are proud to announce the winners of our Facebook T-Shirt Contest:First Place goes to Robert Simmons.  Congratulations Robert.  Besides being featured on the new T-Shirts, he will also receive a free shirt, hat, and a gift certificate. 

We chose five others to be included in the new design and those Nissan Owners (in alphabetical order by first name) are:

  • Andreas Suter
  • David Boyd
  • Jason Worrest
  • Kevin Callaghan
  • Mike Wagner

Each of our winners will receive a free shirt. 

Thank You to everyone who participated, they will each receive a free hat for participating.  Anthony Fuoco won an honorable mention.  His picture was excellent but we were unable to work with the white on white photo.  He will also receive a T-Shirt. 

A huge Thank You goes to Brad Metzgar of Metzgar DesignBrad is an excellent graphic designer and we highly recommend him for any and all of your design needs.  It's Brad's excellent design on the T-Shirts. 

If you haven't already signed up on our Facebook Page, make sure you go now and join the fun. 

Check out the fantastic new 4x4parts T-Shirts.  Now Available.   Hats are now available, too!


I'd like to give a personal Thank You to Volrick for all of his ideas and hard work on this project and to Julie for keeping things organized and moving along. 

Thank You for your continued Support! 

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