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From Julie Sturgeon on our Facebook page:

With pictures coming in from what looks like the Apocolypse in Joplin, Missouri, once again Americans are eagerly pitching in to help a neighbor get back on his feet.

Just ask Alabama and northern Georgia how this works. Clean up and rebuilding come with big frustrations, but also big hearts like our 4X4Parts fans.

Ryan Heard was one of the quiet heroes a few weeks ago, giving his time and resources to help clear the debris away in Ringgold, Georgia, after the EF-4 all but wiped this city off the map.

“After hearing and staying up watching the incoming tornadoes, especially in Ringgold, I knew they needed some help,” Ryan says. “Some people came up that night. I came the weekend after to help with cleaning up the streets for traffic to flow. Used the truck to pull downed trees, tow/haul some debris. There were alot of people out there actually from Tennessee and Georgia.”

If you are interested in helping with clean up work in Alabama, Georgia or Missouri, check our Facebook page where we've started gathering a list of places coordinating efforts.

Ryan's Frontier looks great and comes equipped with Tube Armor, 35" KM2's, 3" Body Lift, 3.5" of total Suspension Lift, All Automotive Customizers' Lift Components, DVD System, Trail Maintenance & Recovery Equipment. 

If you have pictures or information about Nissan owners helping their communities or others, please e-mail them to

Thanks, Ryan!

Jane & The Crew

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