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After many months of planning and anticipation, the 2009 Fall NOAS Run is finally here.  The event is current underway and more detailed information can be found here! 

Here at we are excited to be sponsoring this event with gift certificates and goodies.  As Nissan enthusiasts we know the thrill of these kinds of events and while we are not in attendance at this year's event, we wish NOAS and all the participants a success.

We have been around the Nissan community for over 15 years and want to continue promoting Nissans by participating in events such as these.   Through our online shop were we sell aftermarket Nissan parts, bushings, suspension lifts, body lifts, performance parts and a host of other parts for your Nissan; as well as through our discussion board, we hope to continue to drum up support for the community. Please feel free to come back and visit us daily, and for those of you hitting the trails this weekend:Happy wheeling!!


                                                                                                         Volrick Higgs

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