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Looking to pay less for your Nissan parts? Thanks to its extensive contacts in the industry, 4x4 Parts has always offered special discounts and sale pricing on various parts. Now, finding those deals takes just one step.

We’ve added a new category to the Superstore tab on our front page of the website: On Sale Parts. Click on this section to see which inventory savings are available for the month. Expect a variety from 4.11 Titan Front Ring and Pinion Gears to 6 on 4 ½ Wheel Spacers for the Xterra.

The average savings in this section is 20 percent, which puts some nice change back in your pocket.

These are new parts, as opposed to The Garage Sale section, where we list discontinued products and inventory that took a slight cosmetic bump in the road and now has a ding.

Items in the On Sale Parts tab are renewed on the first day of every month.

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