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Midwest Xterra Gathering

Thursday August 11, 2005 - Sunday August 14, 2005


This years MXG will be held in Central Upper Michigan. The area north of Champion, Michigan to be exact. The area is mostly public land and spans roughly 18 miles by 30 miles. The area is twisty and rough. I spent about 7 hours traveling some 30-40 miles in this area. Some sections have log crossings over bogs and some areas are just plain muddy. While some areas expose huge plates that shifted during the last ice age. The area also butts up to Lake Superior and The Huron Mountain Club. HMC is a very old private and secure natural preserve. HMC is home to some of the most pristine trees on Superior. As far as I can tell the HMC protects this to the full extent of the law, so this area is off limits unless you want to be arrested! Never the less the public land has are countless miles of rough, rocky, and muddy logging roads.

The area is very rich in history in the supporting the early days of industrialize America for raw materials. Henry Ford bought land there for logging. Wood was a vital component automotive production before 1940. He also bought land to get is foot into the HMC. He bought land to stop the building of M-35, a main highway that would have cut through The Huron Mountains. He was invited into the HMC after that. He later built a $100,000 cabin on Huron Mountain Club property in 1929, He eventually was kicked out of the club!

The area is also home for the highest point in Michigan, Mt Arvon. I have found two areas of interest (on maps and fingers crossed). One is an area that leads to a beach that the Huron Islands and Hurons can be viewed from here. Another is a cliff overlook of the HMC property on public land. This may require some hiking. I do have quite a bit of waypoints and notes stored for this area also. It is in EasyGPS format and I can send it you if you are interested. If you do not have Easygps you can download it for free from here,
Suggested Equipment:

-GPS, This is a must or at least follow with someone that has one. Magnetic compasses do not work because of high iron deposits in the ground. Roads also are poorly marked and most paper topos does not show all the roads.

-Plat maps are a good idea also. They can be found online
Website -,1607,7-153-10371_14793---,00.html

-Buddy system, take at least another X or truck with you just in case.

-Recovery Gear, Straps, Boots, Gloves, and a winch if you got it.

-FRS Radios, Better than smoke signals.

-All terrain Tires, I recommend them for this for this run.

-Rear Sway Bar Disconnected, Your kidneys will thank you and you'll understand on
Peshekee Grade!

-A Smile and Good Attitudes are a must, this event is not for one select person, or the select few, but for the great people we have met through these events. It is for everyone from the greenest beginner to the veteran offroader to wheel, get some new scenery in, have fun, and meet the great members of MXO.


The area is known for viewing moose. The locals say, do not honk for a moose to move off the road. They take your X for another moose and charge. The moose will win I'm told! Just like all runs, respect the wildlife's space, especially the moose!


Public camping is at Van Riper State park just south of the area. The park has showers and resides on a lake. Campsites are $15 per night. If you want to remote camp on public land near there, all is needed is a get paperwork from Michigan DNR office and post it at campsite. As far as I know there is no fee for this.

Remote Camping (walk-in)
McCormick Wilderness Area
Website -

Camping With Showers and Power
Van Riper State Park
Website -

Information and Some History on the Area

Big Bay to L'anse Driving Route
Website -

Pictures and Thread on Huron Mountain Area
Website -

Ghost Towns of Upper Michigan
Website -

Snowfall on Porkies and Hurons
Website -

Thread and Pics Mt. Arvon
Website -

Geo. Study on Huron Area
Website -

Huron Mountain Club & Big Bay Freq.
Website -

Michigan On-line trails and Plat Maps
Website -,1607,7-153-10371_14793---,00.html

This is an excellent event to get to know others in your area, meet some good people, have fun and get to know more about what your Nissan can do.

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